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Second Day With My Camera


I began my journey at the West End Overlook, which has one of the best skyline views of Pittsburgh.  It was really cold, even though the sun was out, so I took as many pictures as my little fingers could handle.

Then I went for a walk at an unofficial dog park not too far from my home.  There were people out with their dogs, but I wasn’t too sure how to approach them to see if I could take pictures of them and their pets, so I pretty much kept to myself and got some cool pictures of the scenery.  I better figure out how to talk to people though if I eventually want to get in to portrait/candid photography.  lol

{Not sure why, but I feel less confident in my abilities as a photographer when I’m snapping photos of just landscape.  I feel as if I never do any of it any justice.}

These were just a few of the pictures I took.  I probably saved only 20 or so out of 60-70..


It’s amazing how self-conscious I feel putting these pictures up.. just waiting for the world to judge the view through my lens.


Photography Critique


Early Spring

After months of debating, I finally saved enough money and purchased a brand new DSLR:  a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  It came with a bundle kit; including lenses, and filters, and this and that, and a bunch of other stuff I still have to learn how to use… But I’ll get there.  lol

The fact that my life is going to be changing so much within the next year and a half (read:  At my first real crossroad…)  I decided this is the perfect time to look at other opportunities; such as starting my own business and becoming a photographer.  I think it would be so fun to meet new people and I would feel so honored to share a part of people’s lives in helping them remember some of the most important milestones they’ll face.  {BTW-I’ve been thinking of doing this for almost a year now!}  Baby bumps, holding hands, little wrinkled fingers and toes!  Sigh.. so cute!

I’ve been doing a lot of research (Dan Heller Photography, Shannon Holden Photography, and I’m really excited about this one… WEDDINGS BY HEATHER – First of all she’s local, includes workshops, AND will provide one-on-one consultation to get your business up and running to be successful.  Win-Win.)

I decided that before I go quitting my stable and secure job though, I need to do a couple of things:  1)Research, Research, Research (I need to learn how to run a business first~taxes, marketing, contracts, etc) and 2) Actually get out there and take some pictures!

I’m still in the beginning phase.  But I thought I would put up a few pictures that I took from my first day of shooting (1 above and 2 below).  These are of my pup in my backyard.  What do you think?