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Took a vacation from the blogging world, but I’mmmm Baaack!


So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged… (SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!) And thanks to a co-blogger Eliza Shane ~ Finding myself at 40(ish) I realized I missed reading about others daily lives/musings, as well as sharing mine.  So, thanks Eliza Shane!  😀

So a real quick download of what’s happened since my last post on December 1, 2011 Hello my blogging friends.

I finally bought a computer and received it Mid-December.

Then I went to Cherokee, North Carolina to surprise my daddy for his birthday!


I held my annual Naughty Or Nice Party.  It was awesome.  It’s basically a gift exchange where people bring a naughty or nice gift (most of my friends prefer naughty…hmmm?) and we put them in one big pile.  I draw one of their names from a jar and that person then gets to pick from the pile of bagged/wrapped/bowed vibrators, dildos, and sex games and the rest of us oooh and ahh, or just laugh at the absurdity of some of the gifts.

My beautiful and incredibly smart cousins came, which is awesome because we don’t get to see each other too often.


These are some cute pics of Brian and I that my cousin took.



Speaking of which, Brian and I won boob and penis coffee mugs, as well as this awesome little toy that has rows and rows of buttons.  Each button that’s pressed screams out some horribly entertaining insult followed by every dirty word known to man.  I think even sailors would blush at these obscenities.  My favorite is, “SWALLOW MY BABY BATTER!” I guess….. maybe (just maybe) you have to hear for yourself to get the full effect.

Brian came home with me for Christmas; after a tug-of-war battle between the mothers–his and mine (Scary future wedding planning pops into my head and causes occasional nightmares and cold sweats).   We ended up giving in to both of them and had to rush around all weekend, driving from one family to the next–or should I say from one state to the next.  It was one of my most favorable Christmas’s though.  ANNND. I must have been a VVVERRRRRRRY good girl..  Just saying.  My moms living room was filled with presents (took up half the room!)


New Years Eve was just as wonderful!  Brian and I spent it with his friends and family.  His sister-in-law’s parents own a Condo at Seven Springs Ski Resort; absolutely beautiful place!  The theme for the evening was bow ties and cummberbunds, which then turned in to moustaches (the White Elephant gift exchange revealed a party pack of assorted ‘staches, which everyone needed to utilize ASAP of course) and dirty blow-up doll pictures.  What’s a party without those things..?

On January 19th, I had surgery on my shoulder.  The doc originally thought I had a S.L.A.P. tear, which is a fun little acronym for a tear in my labrum.  So surgery came and went.  Found out my labrum was stretched, and I had bone spurs and bursitis.  So instead of stitching; shaving, and smoothing were the course of action.  My mom came up for a whole 8 days (and yes, she actually went home–alive and healthy).  She was a great caregiver and I couldn’t have done it without her.  It didn’t help that I had surgery on my right shoulder, so it was about 2 weeks before I could even really use my right arm/hand for everything.  And seeing that I use my right hand for pretty much everything.. it was a struggle.  Hey! Try wiping your butt with your left hand–you’ll see!  No, seriously!  Try it.Not an easy feat, I’m tellin ya.

I’m doing okay now, back to work after being off 45 glorious days… Just started on light duty a couple of weeks ago and will be heading back to full duty April 2. Boo!  It’s still probably too early to go back to full duty–for those of you just starting to read my blog, I am an active duty military cop, but our manning is down and my shift is really hurting for people.  So back to work I will go.

My birthday was on February 8th.  Brian planned (all by himself!) a romantic birthday weekend in Deep
Creek, Maryland.  It was so amazing.  He done good, folks!  The condo we stayed in had a view of a partially frozen lake, and beautifully lit ski slopes.  To include a fireplace and a ginormous jacuzzi tub.  We made a delicious seafood dinner (lobster, crabs, scallops) our first night, and some incredibly tasty jalapeno and cheddar burgers the second night.  We did nothing but eat, drink, and… well, yeah I think you know the rest, shop!  We found these awesome little shops that had a bunch of touristy inventory and explored pretty much all of them within a mile from the condo.  Really an awesome weekend.

While I was off from work, I received a phone call from my supervisor telling me that the Air Force wants to shut the base down because of budget cuts, and blah, blah, blah.  Now, that I’m back to work, and we’ve had meetings upon meetings about the base closing, and dream sheets for our future job assignments have been requested of us approximately a dozen times, my future that I had planned out until retirement is slowly starting to disappear.  I thought I was going to stay here, get my twenty, achieve my Ph.D, become a professor at some local university, and live a boring, yet, secure and successful life.  Yeah, once again, life throws a curve ball.

But I still see light at the end of the tunnel; it’s not completely over yet.  Congress has to approve the budget cut first.  Then, and only then will the base close.  My commander is pretty dead set on the fact that the base is closing and that they’re only keeping up the perception of waiting for Congress to decide.  I’m going to write more in my next post about this.  Otherwise my “quick download” that has slowly morphed into a novel, will then become an epic.>

So I’ve had to deal with the stress of figuring out what I’m going to do with my life, IF the base closes.  Big choices and changes coming up boys and girls.

And that is pretty much the extent of what happened since December.  I’m looking forward to writing more frequently now that I do have a computer, the holidays are over, and I have full use of my right arm again.  I’m excited to start reading the blogs I used to follow and all the new ones I encounter on the way!


Freedom Ain’t Free


I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has served in the United States Military–past, present, future–and in doing so, take a walk down memory lane and share some memories that began my career in the Air Force. 

I was 18, a few months away from my high school graduation, and “temporarily” living with my boyfriend, Zak. We had just finished making dinner and were about to sit down and eat when my best friend, Vicki called.  Side note:  Vicki moved to Pittsburgh our senior year of high school. 

Vicki:  Guess what I just did!

Me:  While the endless possibilities do kind of excite me, my mashed potatoes are getting cold.  What did you do–another tattoo? 

Vicki:  No, Re-Re (that was just one of our loving nicknames for each other).  I joined the Air Force!  And, you should join too.  That way you can come visit me at least once a month when you have drill!  Drill is referring to the one weekend a month that a reservist must attend for training purposes.  Mine would have taken me to Pittsburgh.

With that phone call EVERYTHING in my life changed.  Just 5 minutes before I had been talking with Zak about my acceptance to Ohio State University and how I did not want to go.  See, my high school offered this program called Post-Secondary, which basically meant that I went to a community college my senior year instead of attending actual high school courses.  So I was already colleged out and this phone call was offering me another way.. another choice.  Plus, I’d get to see my best friend a whole lot more AND get paid for it!  Win, win. 

I talked it over with my parents, and even though my mother was not thrilled AT ALL, me being my stubborn self, went a month after graduation and signed my life away to Uncle Sam.

Even though I enlisted in July, I wasn’t scheduled to leave for basic training until January.  I had about 10 lbs that I needed to shed before they would let me leave.  So I worked out, I ran, and I lost those 10 lbs.  Next thing I know, it was January 5th, my bags were packed, my parents were kissed goodbye the night before, and I was on a plane headed towards San Antonio, Texas.

From the airport, a bus picked all of us new recruits up and transported us to Lackland Air Force Base.  It wasn’t long before I was cursing my mother for gene inheritance, or maybe its a learned trait, whatever the case, I know that I got the whole “doesn’t know how to pack lightly” gene/trait from her. 

I scurried off the bus dragging my heavy luggage to form a line with the other recruits.  T.I.s (Training Instructors) were screaming at us from the moment we set foot on the ground.  Veins were popping out of their foreheads, spit was flying every direction–I was extremely aware that the very threat to the end of my stinking existence was upon me. 

Advice that had been given to me by a former military person before I left for basic training was to “play the game” and to remember that the instructor’s job was to break you down so they could build you back up.  The problem with this mentality though, was that I didn’t take a whole lot seriously… in the beginning. 

T.I.s yelled, no, SCREECHED, at us to pick up our bags, then drop them.  Pick up our bags, then drop them.  Pick up our bags, then drop them.  We proceeded to do this torture, err, I mean “breaking” method for the next hour of my life, all while my ear drums were about to burst. 

The next week went by in a blur.  Uniforms and boots were issued.  We walked EVERYWHERE–for miles each day wearing canteens to not die from dehydration and carrying our military issued Star Wars light sabers during hours of darkness.  Well that’s what they looked like to me.  They were really just big flashlights with a yellow cone snapped on.

I learned within days that having a sense of humor was not a wanted commodity at basic training, which for me only added an extra challenge to this already challenging feat.  I mean I laugh at myself ((daily)) just for making a funny face or noise.  I laugh at people, LOUDLY, when they fall and hurt themselves.  But I’m not supposed to laugh while people do or say stupid things at basic training??? C’mon, give me a break.  When a T.I. says things like, “Alright, clown.  Push some floor” or 40 women are told they all have a total of 5 minutes to take a shower (with only 8 shower heads).  To me, that’s humor. 

I made the mistake of laughing at my T.I. one day.  He had made a joke at one of the new recruit’s expense and when he started to laugh (See?? He laughed first, it should be ok!) I just lost it–with a loud hyena pitch outburst.  When he heard me, his laughed stopped so quick it sounded like he had choked, his smile erased from his face in a blink of an eye, and the next thing I know, he’s standing in front of me screaming, “You think I’m a dang comedian or something, you piece of fungus-licking turd??”  What do you say to that?  How do you not laugh?  Or at least crack a smile; a wink even, just so he knows that you know it’s just a game and he really is funny. 

Well, my smile cracking laugh to his comment got me 45 minutes of laughing–at a wall.  And here my smart ass is all loud and proud staring at this blank wall shouting, “HA, HA, HA, HA“, thinking in my head, “Oh, I’ll show him.  He won’t win”, which then later became a much softer, tired, and thirsty whispered, “ha, ha, ha, ha“, thinking in my head, “Ok, I get it.  You win”.  This moment became lesson number one for me.  Guess who learned to control their laughter real quick after that??  That’s right, you guessed it.  This girl.

A couple of days after my laughing incident, I woke up to reveille, and jumped up to get dressed–there were lots of morning chores that needed to be done.  Beds and shoes to be aligned, every single room needed to be dusted, swept, mopped, etc.  As I began making my bed I noticed a big red stain on my sheets.  Yep, it happened.  My period started.  Guess who got the last laugh now mother fuckaa… baahahaha!  Just picturing his face again when I told him–the look of disgust so evident… still makes me chuckle!    

You can probably guess correctly that my T.I. was not very found of me after this situation.  So it was probably to his relief that I got hurt and had to go to medical hold. 

I was in medical hold for about a month in a half, which really turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  The 319th Medical Squadron is where I learned how to do everything–shining shoes, marching, hospital corners, folding towels and t-shirts, military discipline–and it was all at a place where things were a little more laid back and a sense of humor was a little more accepted. 

I met some great people and learned a lot about myself.  There was one girl who had been a basic training; stuck; for almost a year because she had broken her back on the confidence course.  The military feels that they need to return you home the way you arrived.  So if you show up to basic healthy and without a broken back, then you will return home healthy and without a broken back.  Can you imagine?  You think you’re going somewhere for 6 weeks, you’re only a week away from graduating and going home, then you get hurt and now you’re stuck in your own personal hell for an entire year! 

After they fixed me and I was able to return to training, I had to start over from scratch with a brand new group of girls.  This time though I came in almost a week later.  Bonds had already been formed and friendships had already been made.  I was the odd man out.  It didn’t help that the next day I was made their Dorm Chief and was put in charge of 43 females.  I was 19 years old and in charge of people who were old enough to be my mother!  This being my first position as a leader, I definitely made some mistakes, but we came out on top.  

Being in the military has given me confidence, discipline, dreams, goals, resources to achieve whatever I aspire to do, family, lifelong friends, courage, strength, knowledge. 

I learned a popular phrase while at basic, “Freedom Ain’t Free”.  Oh, how true that is. 

I thanked, in the beginning of this post, anyone who has served; past, present, future, but I would like to include those who have given the ultimate sacrifice–their lives.   

I am proud to be considered an Airmen, a sister in arms, and a patriot and will continue to serve and protect the freedoms for those I love most.

Homeless Veteran’s Day Program


Today was an awesome day. Four of us from my unit went to the Veteran’s Place in Pittsburgh, PA and volunteered for the Homeless Veterans Day Program.

It was so different from any soup kitchen/shelter I’ve ever worked. I don’t think it can even be classified as a soup kitchen; more like a recreational facility for homeless veterans.

We made them breakfast, served them lunch, and I even got to play pool with a Mr. Roberts.

I was told from the beginning that Mr. Roberts loves to play pool, but that he gets quite upset if he loses. Me being an avid pool player got really excited to find someone who has the same love for pool as me, so I asked him if he would like to play a couple of games.

After he won 3 times, I told him it was my turn to win.  At this point in time, I felt he and I had built up a friendly rapport–he was coaching me on how to better my game and even made me go out and get my own pool stick when I told him I carry one with me at all times (a girl never knows when she has to show someone up at billiards 😉 lol).  And you know, he was A-Okay with me winning.. even gave me a high-five. 

Mr. Roberts has found a special place in my heart.  He did try to hustle me though–that sly ole fox.  I was getting ready to leave and he tells me that he really liked my pool case and that he had a nice blue one to trade me (the one he was carrying).  I told him that I was coming back in two weeks and that if I can find one like mine, I’ll bring it for him.  I’m hoping I may find one online that won’t cost too much to get for Mr. Roberts.


The Homeless Veterans Day Program provides Veterans staying in the homeless and emergency shelters with:

  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Day Room with television and a pool table
  • Computer Lab
  • Employment Assistance
  • Addiction Recovery Programming
    • AA and NA Meetings
  • We also plan to introduce other services currently in development:

      Housing Assistance

    •  Training
      • Computer Skills
      • Budgeting and Financial Literacy
      • Relationship & Life Skills

The goal of the Day Program is to provide a gateway to other services provided by Veterans Place, the Veterans Administration and other community organizations.  These services can include (but are not limited to):

  • Detox/Rehab
  • Mental Health Services
  • Housing
  • Employment Services