I’m One Tough Mudder WILL


Running through fire up to 4 feet high and sprinting through live electrical wires with some carrying 10,000 volts.. Who says girls aren’t tough??

Leaving for Tough Mudder tomorrow with my team EISEN FUSS (lead foot)! 

I did have to sign a death waiver so if I don’t make it through the course on Saturday I’d like everyone on WordPress to know that my parents can have my dogs (I’m sure they’ll be thrilled).  My sister can have my house and all my belongings that my mother and dad do not want.. whether she wants to sell it, or rent it, or live in it.  And someone can have my car (it’s already paid off) BUT whoever wants it has to fight for it through a paper/rock/scissors match (NO CHEATING AND BEST OUT OF 3!)


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