Really good movie.  Makes you think. 

My favorite part of the movie:  PICTURE THIS. 

It’s a Saturday night.  Crowded movie theatre.  You are there watching a movie about disease, viruses and how quickly they spread because people don’t pay attention to prevention of germs… ie. not washing their hands.  In the film, you get a graphic visual of how people are dying from this horrible disease.  Right after a realistic foam-of-the-mouth seizure is displayed and you see a dead corpse in front of you, the next scene shows an infected person coughing.  You know the kind, a long and wet mucusy cough (gross, right?)  Literally, RIGHT after that coughing scene, the person DIRECTLY BEHIND you does the EXACT. SAME. COUGH. 

Priceless!  Everyone in the theatre started a wave of nervous giggling and quick sneaks back at the now REAL “infected” person. 

I don’t know.  Maybe this is one of those you have to be there kind of things.  But I could not stop laughing.

Kinda cool tidbit.. My boyfriend’s sister-in-law’s sister (that’s a mouthful) helped work on this movie and is in the credits!! Neat to see..


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