Secret Mission


Not tootin my own horn or anything, BUT, I have to say.. I’m a pretty awesome girlfriend.. LOL

That (up above) is my boyfriend, Brian… looks happy right?

THAT is because A) I blindfolded him and B) He has no idea where we are going..

His birthday was today. And in order to pull off one of the best birthday surprises EVER.. months AND months of preparation were involved… ok I’m exaggerating.. a little.. at least 2 months.. =)

To quote from the movie A-Team “You beat a guy like Lynch with three things: distraction, diversion and division. Then you put him on display, for the whole world to see…”


WHAT BRIAN THINKS IS HAPPENING: Brian thinks I’ve planned a romantic weekend camping trip for his birthday, which to him means 2 TERRIBLE things. 1) Hunting for the weekend has been canceled AND 2) Missing the Steelers game… WHICH for those of you who do not live in Steeler Country.. is considered sacrilegious towards the Steeler Gods…


HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: Friday, before his birthday I went to his house and stole two of his Steelers Jerseys. I gave him a list of things to pack for the weekend. I picked up a 30 pack of delicious pumpkin beer.   Then this morning I picked up his favorite donuts, made him some breakfast, and told him to get ready for his birthday adventure. (This is where the blindfold comes in) When he took the blindfold off, he saw we were in a parking lot with all of his close friends and family waiting to shout “Surprise! Happy Birthday”!

We all hopped in his friend’s Steeler Van (pictured below)and ended up tailgating before going to the Steelers game! This being my first tailgating experience… I’d just like to say I had a blast!


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